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supercharger on high compression engine

Product Description

high pressure piston air compressor booster
Valve materials are made of Sweden stainless steel band.

In order to ensure that air compressor highly reliable, using a redundant design principles, setting multiple protection
measures; unloading, down drain, exhaust,ensure that the zero-pressure start.

Timed drain valve: drainage and drainage at a time interval can be adjusted,Ensure that the captain of an air compressor
runs continuously between regular drainage,effectively preventing water too much liquid strike accidents.

Low ehaust temperature(10.0Mpa exhaust pressure, exhaust air temperature ≤170 degrees, the temperature of exhaust
air is above ambient temperature of 15~20℃ form after-cooler).

Fuel consumption per hour less than 0.143.kw

High reliability and long maintanace period,very low fuel consumption, low energy consumption and so on, greatly reducing the overall general operating costs.

Hot selling Booster compressor structure: turbocharger is mainly composed of compressor and turbine.

Compressor part: mainly including single-stage centrifugal compressor impeller, diffuser and compressor shell.

Steam turbine: mainly including steam turbine shell, single-stage radial flow turbine impeller, etc.

The turbine shaft and turbine are welded together by friction. The compressor impeller is installed on the turbine shaft through clearance fit and fixed with nuts. The combination of turbine and turbine shaft assembly and compressor impeller must undergo accurate dynamic balance test to ensure normal operation under high-speed rotation.

The supercharger rotor support adopts the form of internal support, and the full floating floating bearing is located in the intermediate between the two impellers. The axial thrust of the rotor is borne by the end face of the direct push ring.

The turbine end and compressor end are equipped with sealing ring device, compressor end and oil retaining ring to prevent leakage.

The compressor shell, turbine shell and intermediate piece are the main fixed parts, and the turbine shell and intermediate piece, compressor shell and intermediate piece are connected through bolts and pressing plates; The compressor housing can be installed at any angle around the shaft.

Supercharger Air Compressor lubrication: pressure lubrication is used. The lubricating oil flows out of the main oil passage of the Diesel Engine, and then flows back to the diesel oil pan through the return pipe.

Oxygen Pressure Booster,Advantages of supercharger:

1. Significant energy saving: compared with the electric booster pump, the pneumatic air booster pump only needs to provide the driving air source without power consumption, which helps users save factory costs. At the same time, when the pneumatic air booster pump reaches the predetermined pressure, it will automatically stop working, and the consumption is zero.

2. Pressure stability: because the pneumatic air booster pump adopts a single pneumatic control unbalanced valve to realize the reciprocating movement of the pump, it can be started gently, and can quickly adjust the response in the case of large fluctuation of gas consumption. This is the stepless regulation performance of our pneumatic booster pump.

3. Low operating noise: compared with ordinary high-pressure compressed air compressor, the air compressor has small vibration and low noise, which is suitable for more occasions.

4. Constant pressure air supply can be realized: sesent pneumatic booster pump can work under a wide range of exhaust volume. According to the actual gas consumption, it can be adjusted automatically in real time to control the exhaust volume. How much gas produces how much gas, low gas consumption can also make the air of the booster pump sleep automatically, greatly reducing energy loss.

5. Simple maintenance and low maintenance cost: in most cases, if the pneumatic booster pump cannot work normally, it is basically the problem of the sealing ring. As long as a new sealing ring is replaced, it can work normally. And even the sealing ring, relative to the pneumatic booster pump, the price is also very low.

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